1212 mm dredging valves high and low pressure.- repair of seal support surface area with ceramic polymer compound.

GOS  used METALINE XL SERIES which is supported in a system by two individual coatings SXL and KXL.

Both of these valves have been completed ready for extended service, the wear lining will overcome the original condition which caused the washing out of the sealing land which is erosion corrosion. The base substrate goes into solution as it is oxidized as a result of the abrasive flow. The hard lining serves two purposes, 

• The wear lining resists abrasion. 

• The wear lining resists corrosion. 

In short, the service life of this valve will be extended by a ratio of four to five times compared to an uncoated item. 

No matter how hard it appears to get this lining in, the advantage and cost savings will be realized in service; in extended life and reduced maintenance costs. 

Location: Batam

Duration: 5 days.

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