Surveys & Corrosion Assessments

Ships can continue delivering reliable and sustained performance throughout their service lives if the current state of equipment or structure are understood properly, and inspections and maintenance are implemented regularly and professionally.  Periodic surveys can help in maintaining ships in an acceptable condition, in compliance with corporate policies and international conventions.

One of the key areas for consideration in any ship survey is  investigating the corrosion of structures. Corrosive deterioration is the main cause for vessels, equipment, piping and valve breakdown and failure, which reduces efficiency and increases costs significantly. Additionally, failures due to corrosion are a health hazard to personnel and potentially harmful for the environment.

We offer corrosion risk assessments for vessels, refineries, piping and valves. Our engineers combine design and construction experience with material science to deduce the root cause of durability problems and help you develop practical corrosion repair and renovation solutions to extend the life of your structures.

Other surveys we can provide:

  • Condition assessments of drilling rigs/Drilling rig inspection
  • Hazardous area equipment assessments
  • Maintenance systems evaluations that help ensure that your maintenance crews follow the described maintenance procedures as reported in your system.

The results of a condition and corrosion assessment can be identified using a rating system and reported in detail. We are happy to advise you on how to combat corrosion and contribute to your maintenance program. Call us to discuss your requirements.


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