A Company built on Professionalism

Founded in 2009 and becoming private limited in 2011, GOS Pte Ltd merged with Maritime Corrosion Science Pte Ltd in 2014. With combined and different experience, our service range grew, becoming more specialized and the company began to record significant growth. This lead to the establishment of PT GOS Solutions, Indonesia in 2015 and the opening of GOS Myanmar Co. in February 2017. Latest addition was incorporation of  Dynacoral GOS Snd. Bhd. in Malaysia in May 2018 .

Four factors that define our capabilities:

Technical Skills

High competency levels, knowledge and experience which are reflected in all projects undertaken.

Internal training and on-going skill development-ensuring we conduct the correct safety training and create and transfer our knowledge, giving us our competitive advantage. With low overheads and well-constructed teams, GOS is well placed in a competitive marketplace. We use properly pre-worked and controlled workers using our experience and motivation and can provide long term contracts.

Interpersonal Skills

GOS Pte Ltd strives to create a good working atmosphere by keeping a personal level of contact and interaction with our workforce.

Team Spirit

GOS has an highly skilled, multi-disciplinary workforce and are able to work together under pressure to get the job done. We are proud to offer a fresh and professional organisation.

Organisational Powers

A clear understanding of the channels in the organisation. We have a network of resources we can call on to get things done. GOS Pte Ltd can respond to sudden increases of requirements including tight deadlines.

Experience, a can do attitude, competency, flexibility & team spirit are a few words we use to define the way we work. Our high standards in work are a direct result of decades of combined experience. A well balanced and diverse team creates the solutions you need.

Standards we work with

GOS Pte Ltd is working with common international high standards and is employing certified inspectors and project managers. The correct standards are applied to each and every project accordingly. Our inspectors are certified NACE – FROSIO -SSPC and company received the ISO 9001 and 14001:2015 and OSHAS 18001 certification in  2016.

GOS Pte Ltd has also completed successfully audits for the Bizsafe STAR. These certifications apply to the GOS Group and all its affiliates.

We have also obtained the MPA certificate of Authorisation to operate an Seafarer recruitment and placements service, hereby complying as company for our riding crews with MLC regulations.

GOS Pte Ltd International Standards


GOS is developing their Asian presence.

GOS Pte. Ltd. was created in 2009
PT GOS Solutions was established in December 2015 having it’s office in Batam.
GOS MYANMAR CO. Ltd. was created In February 2017 and an office opened in the capital Yangon.
Dynacoral GOS Snd. Bhd. Created in May 2018 with Offices in Kuala Lumpur. Operates under our Joint Venture Partner Dynacoral Oil and Gas Snd. Bhd. with full Petronas Licencing.

GOS Pte Ltd Mission Statement

Invoking Change in the Contracting Process, through Diverse Range of Maritime Maintenance Practices through Innovative Solutions and Teamwork that results in our Clients returning time and again with their Goals and Aspirations met.

Values – Quality-Flexibility-Integrity is what we hold high, to be leaders and invoke trust and respect from clients as well as employees.
Culture – Work hard for improvement everywhere. Personally. Company. Industry. Environment.



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