1000 mm lower house dredge valve – repair of seal support surface area with ceramic polymer compound.

GOS was approached by DEME to inspect the Valve for possible repair. The valve was described as washed out on the seal support lands requiring 5 mm of build up to restore operational capacity and original dimension. The Valve is operated under the auspices of DNV and needed to be restored to original dimensions. GOS  used METALINE XL SERIES which is supported in a system by two individual coatings SXL and KXL.

After Blasting the valve was blown with compressed air and brushed off, the blast inspected for conformity to Class 2.5 & 75 microns profile height. A high standard of blasting was achieved and the valve was primed. During the following days, the coating was built up to the height of 6mm thick and machined to specs.

Location: Singapore

Duration: 7 days


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