Full Catering Management to Transocean’s DEEPWATER DRILLSHIPS

YEAR 2021-2023

GOS provided assistance with commissioning of the LQ on Transocean 8th generation drill ships, even as setup of all LQ facilities, catering for 220 POB before, during and after sea trials till vessels ready and sealed to the USA to start operation.

Catering manager GOS to support and manage all catering related business on behalf of Transocean, for two newbuild, 8th generation drill ship projects built by Sembcorp Marine in Singapore, the Deepwater Atlas and Deepwater Titan.

GOS catering manager was one of the key members of the project team who proved himself to be extremely knowledgeable and proficient in all catering / hotel related matters. He worked tirelessly and always had clients, Transocean and employees’ best interest at heart.

Transocean commissioning manager New Builds

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