Floating Hose Repair (Dredging Equipment)

Repair of Floating Hose, extends life and restores Capital Value.

GOS has developed a superior method of restoring the working life of the Floating Hoses, which are an important asset in the Dredging Process. High Capital Costs and severe abrasion and impact damage requires a repair medium that quickly restores the Hoses to operational conditions thereby extending the life of the Hose and Operational readiness.

Urespray GOS fast setting pure Urethane has been re-purposed in a way that when combined with strategically placed advanced reinforcing materials, a very fast, secure and abrasion resistant repair is made enabling the Hose to be returned to full service without restrictions.

Urespray is Pure Urethane rated at a Shore Hardness of 90 and is applied using dedicated plural component spray equipment developed for this task.

GOS is ready and able to undertake repairs of all equipment damaged by extreme abrasion in the Dredging Industry.

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