Corrosion Protection Company in Singapore

Corrosion Protection

Corrosion protection for steel exposed to harsh environment is essential for proper ship maintenance. The estimated cost of marine corrosion worldwide is between $50-80 billion every year. With proper corrosion coating technology, we can extend the lifetime of a marine asset.

According to the study done by NACE, up to 30% savings can be realized with corrosion related maintenance.

At GOS we are a corrosion protection company that offers specialized corrosion solutions to improve the function and service life.

Surface Preparation Singapore

Surface preparation techniques are applied to prepare surfaces for rust coatings application. If required, abrasive or slurry blasting equipment is used. A combination of high pressure water and abrasive materials eliminates dust and provides a clean surface free from harmful salts that have accumulated.

Our rust prevention solutions offer long-term protection against corrosion that is surface tolerant and can be applied at high film thickness. Read more about our signature corrosion solution.

Our team is well trained to work on various vessel types from oil tankers to drilling rigs.

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