The Gardens By The Bay

The Gardens by the Bay in Singapore manages and develops the Asian garden destinations. Those in charge at the garden are professional, experienced and work alongside local experts as well as international experts to develop the garden. The team is thought of as being multidisciplinary and are involved heavily with the greening of Singapore.
The teams is built by highly skilled designers for landscaping, plant health, horticulturists, engineers, arborists, orchid breeding professionals, plant researchers, as well as turf and overall garden management. These individuals are responsible for sourcing plants on a global scale, leveraging, curating and aiding in the continuous growth of the Gardens.
The initial vision of becoming an exquisite work of natural beauty and the world of all gardens which were to be owned by all, this particular garden, Gardens by the Bay is the holder of an extensive collection of awards and accolades. In 2012, the Gardens by the Bay received the World Building award, in 2013 they received the Singapore President’s Design Award and was also featured in 2015 by the Guinness World Records as being the Largest Glass Greenhouse. In 2016 TripAdvisor presented them with a Certificate of Excellence, this and all other awards illustrate the dedication by all the team members as well as their hard work and skilfulness.
The Gardens by the Bay is truly a work of art, a horticulturists dream and an illustration which has served to display the true beauty of the plant kingdom in a new and refreshing way. The garden is noted as a premier attraction for international visitors and local visitors alike. This masterpiece gives visitors an opportunity to view plants which are not seen in this part of the world, it educates them as well as entertains all of its visitors. The various species of plants kept at the Garden are from several locations, these being from habitats, cool climates, tropical forests and temperate climates.
Gardens by the Bay is made up of three exclusive gardens located on the waterfront, these are Bay Central, Bay East and Bay South. In 2012, the largest of the gardens, Bay South was opened where it served to display a wide array of trees, iconic Supertrees as well as conservatories which won awards. From time to time, the floral displays are changed and include visitor crowd favourites like Blossom Beats, Tulipmania and Orchid Extravaganza. These do an excellent job of not only beautifying but also diversifying the kingdom of plants.
The second largest garden is Bay East, at this particular garden visitors can take a rest and relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. This garden provides a serene, tranquil get away of Singapore’s skyline in the most stunning way. There is significant potential for further growth and development of the publically open green space in the waterfront garden. Bay East and Bay South will soon be closely linked by the third and final garden Bay Central and will have the most stunning yet boastful waterfront views of Singapore’s city.
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