Metaline Surface Protection

MetaLine Surface Protection

Metaline Surface Protection

Elastomeric Repair Compounds; Not Rubber, Not Duplex Steel or Epoxy Ceramics, but a product that ingeniously combines the best of all three.

Sprayable, Elastometric Repair Systems Protection.

A huge range of applications and uses possible that are cost and time saving.

Protection against Wear, Erosion, Cavitation

2-2000x time more resistance then ceramic coating,

550% more resistant than grey cast iron,

25% more resistant than stainless steel SS316,

1500% more responsive than 2 part poly urea,

fluid flow efficiency, NO VOCS, FDA Approvals, Ultra light weight,

cost effective,

extremely smooth or Non-slip option,

fast dry in mins,

20000 hrs salt spray testing,

duplex steel protection,

electrically insulating etc.

Industries include Offshore, Shipbuilding, Mining, Construction, Civil Engineering. Made in Germany, used worldwide. G.O.S Pte. Ltd. has trained personnel by Metaline.

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