Cold Cutting

What is Cold Cutting

Cold cutting is the process of cutting metallic, cementitious or a combination of the two materials through the use of high pressure water. GOS wet abrasive cutting or cold cutting uses an abrasive material in the water stream to cut through materials with a high degree of accuracy. It has numerous advantages over other mechanical methods and solves a variety of commonly encountered offshore tank and pipe cutting issues.

Advantages of Cold Cutting

GOS’s cold cutting system offers a much safer, more cost-effective alternative to conventional torch cutting because It produces no heat and no distortion to the base material being treated. As no heat or flame is generated, the system can be safely used in potentially explosive environments.

Our system cuts through metal of up to 5-inch (12.7 cm) and is fully portable and can be easily set up by a two-man team. The four function control panel allows us to accurately control the speed of the cut, remotely control the abrasive media flow and operate it from a safe distance of the cutting area. The result is a cleanly-finished face with smooth edges.

Flexibility is always a key requirement for offshore applications and GOS’s cold cutting systems can be adjusted on request to suit different applications.  Our machines are water-driven, which makes them suitable for use in hazardous environments. As such, our system is highly versatile for many on- and offshore cold cutting operations. A variety of track mounting options offered also ensure that the system is tailored to handle different projects and requirements.

The system includes a dolly-mounted abrasive hopper with an air-operated metering assembly control console, mounted on a portable stand, parallel and perpendicular nozzle mounting brackets, a carbide slurry nozzle, a universal power head that works with both the pipe line cutter and the straight flexible track. A radius cutter is also available, which can be mounted to the flex track systems, and adjusted to cut from 5” – 9” (12.7 cm – 22.86 cm) radius in either flat or curved surfaces. This is ideal for cutting doors and other passages into sheet metal.

Watch Cold Cutting in Action

This video shows our cold cutting system in action, cutting through multiple materials and layers in a single pass.


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