Things To Do Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve (Singapore)

Sungei Buloh Wetland is Singapore’s first ASEAN Heritage Site which gives its visitors a chance to discover and explore the beauty and magnificence of nature as they take part in uncovering a world full of biodiversity as they graze in the wetlands which have an extensive 202 hectares of mangroves, mudflats, forests and ponds. The site also gained international recognition and importance recently after it was discovered to be a site of global importance for migratory birds and as such was awarded with a certificate from Wetlands International which marked the reserves entry into the East Asian Australasian Shorebird Site Network.
For the visitors to this areas, one may need to know the kind of activities allowed and offered so they may be well prepared in advance, some of whom bring their children along to learn in the outdoors which opens a wide door of discovery and excitement that they at times cannot have access to while bulked up in a classroom and here at the sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is one of the greatest places where the children can experience learning while still having a lot of fun. Some of the activities they can do are:
1. Get an overview of the reserve at the visitors centre
This centre features a detailed photo gallery of the mangroves and the animals that inhabit them in water or in land with tools that the children can play with and as well a means to view the expanse of the entire reserve from this point. It is also a good spot for photographing for the trip.
2. Stretch their muscles at the junior adventure trail
Here you will find obstacle courses that are guaranteed to interest your young ones allowing them to learn what it’s like to be a mudskipper in the mangrove, cross a river on a pulley boat or to jump among the pencil roots all of which will give an opportunity for fun and adventure.
3. Step into the mudflats experience
This experience is best encountered at low tide but can also be experienced during high tide by the use of interactive panels. Visitors can walk along a balancing bridge to get to a platform close to the mudflats and get up close and personal with the creatures inhabiting here such ass crabs and mudskippers.
4. Embark on various walks and trails of the reserve
The reserve has a number of trails which can be fun and exciting for the whole family such as the Coastal trail where you can observe creatures like sea eagles, forest trail that places you in the environment for plants and animals endemic to the reserve for better understanding of them and the bird trail to see the birds that come to the reserve during migration.
5. Sign up for the guided walks
The reserve here offers free guided walks for the family two of which are for children which introduce guests to the features of the reserve with a trained expert who will familiarise them with all creatures, their habitats and their interactions with the environment.
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