Vessel Rudder Repair with Metaline

GOS was briefed to provide a Solution to discovered Cavitation damage to the Rudder and Post on the TEMAS LINE Sedang Mas.

An initial visit to the Dock at SembMarine Corp indicated a serious condition whereby Cavitation induced Corrosion/Erosion had produced deep pitting. The Pitting was extensive in the area of the leading edges and in the regions just behind the leading edges where some pitting was measured at 27mm depth approximately.

GOS recommended the MetaLine 785 material which is a Permanently Elasticized Urethane Repair Compound especially designed for usage under such service conditions.

MetaLine proved that it is a repair compound that is flexible, can be applied quickly and that the repair is complete. The Product restored the area filling the extremely pitted surface back to the original profile approximately.

The product cured quickly and will present itself as a “cushion” to the cavitation forces, whilst providing superior levels of corrosion protection. The substrate will no longer be going into “solution” via the dual forces of Corrosion/Erosion induced by the powerful effect of Cavitation.

After the Metaline work was completed the Shipyard applied the Hull coating over the MetaLine to complete the coating system and ensure regularity of appearance.

Location: Sembawang Shipyard
Duration: 3 days

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