Steelpaint Trial on LNG Tanker

Steelpaint is very suitable for repairs of the coating on decks.

Work Scope included Surface Preparation in the visibly corroded areas only. Spot repair methods.
Air Scaler to remove Corrosion by products
Sanding Area to feather existing coatings
Water Washing using combination of compressed air and water together.
Dry Abrasive Blasting via “Baby Blaster”
Generally the surface preparation conformed to Class 2 commercial blast finish in the areas treated.
Brushing and Rolling the Steel Paint Product in two coats over two days.

Although not perfect conditions and proper equipment available we still manage to provide a longer lasting protecting simply by the use of Steelpaint. Showing the suitability of the paint for use by crews.

Location: Batam, Indonesia
Duration: 2 days

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