Protective Coatings Condition Survey Myanmar port cranes

GOS was requested to do an inspection and provide solutions for the current bad condition of coatings on the container handling cranes in Myanmar Port.

The condition of the coating on the cranes is described as “Chalking”. Coatings chalk as a result of the action of Ultra Violet light degrading the resin binder and exposing the Titanium Dioxide pigment which is a very white substance. This “chalking” actually protects the coating from the UV light, however in practice the resultant faded and aged appearance has a detrimental effect on the optical impact of the structure.

This condition is actually normal for certain classes of coatings and affects what we often call Enamel Paint. This material is single pack and previously was known as “Oil Based” Paint but nowadays is based on synthetics and acrylic modified.

The Market has for many years used a different formula to ensure that the binder lasts for a much longer time in UV light service. This is generically known as “2 Pack Poly Urethane” and would last in exposed conditions for up to eight years unaffected. The UV light always degrades all coatings eventually causing the need for re-coating as required by the aesthetics demanded in the application.

Location: Ahlone International Port Yangon, MYANMAR.
Duration 2 days

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