Offshore Conductor Coating utilizing Rope Access and SteelPaint

When an Offshore Oil Platform in Malaysia needed to protect the Conductors that bring the Oil up from the Seabed to the Platform they needed a solution that met their long term Corrosion Goals.

Not only did this solution have to meet the Corrosion Goals, the Coating System had to be applied in arduous conditions most likely through the monsoon season and without scaffolding. GOS with our Partner Dynacoral in Malaysia was able to meet all three of these conditions.

The SteelPaint Coating System which met the Corrosion Longevity concerns with a Ten Year Warranty and combined with the huge productivity advantages of the PU Zinc;- such as Fast Curing, Single Pack, No Limitations on Humidity during application made the “seemingly impossible” – possible.

GOS Dynacoral with our dedicated Rope Access Application team was able to safely complete the project within the specified time frame! No incidents, no injury no time lost .

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