Internal Coating of Cooling Water System Pipe with Branches.

GOS was requested to provide last minute internal coating of a cooling water system pipe.

The pipe was transported to our blasting yard. The pipe was internally blasted. After which it was de-dusted using vacuum cleaner and brushes and afterwards with MetaLine Thinner. The following process of application of the MetaLine 924 corrosion protection primer was applied, using a brush to ensure penetration into all welds and the profile, and left to dry.
Then the pipe was the transported to the spraying workshop where in the meantime preparations were made to start the spraying process which was done after the second primer, MetaLine 900 universal primer was applied, using a brush, and left to dry.

Just prior to the spraying a further coat of MetaLine 900 was completed. Then using MetaLine 785, a requested thickness of 2 mm internally and 3mm on the flange faces was applied. These coats were built up in a wet on wet process allowing for drying in between layers. This completed the process , after which some additional time was spent opening the bolt holes of the flanges, removing the tape and external wrapping of the pipe. The entire work was finished at 0500 when the pipe was loaded on our transport awaiting the opening of the gate back at the shipyard.

MetaLine 785 proves to be a compound that is flexible and can be applied quickly. The product will provide superior level of corrosion and erosion protection.

Location: Workshop Singapore
Duration: 2 days

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