Inspection of Hydropower plant Myanmar

Myanmar Ministry of Electricity and Energy hired GOS to investigate and determine the suitability of repair methods discussed during earlier meetings utilising the MetaLine Repair Compounds and techniques to restore Integrity and operability to the Runner, allowing continuation of production of electricity and return of investment.

After our inspection, we are confidently able to say that we able to make these repairs, a report was provide that layed out the general methodology, the duration and estimated costing of such a repair.

The Runner as described has suffered from cyclic cavitation which has deeply pitted the surface in every throat in a similar location, which has been repaired locally with a metal filled epoxy material; -which according to description has lasted around 18 months. Our investigation indicates that the Epoxy material would have failed early and the result that we see today is only the remainder of the repair medium which of course results in further damage to the substrate as the material fails and exposes the substrate. We note from discussions on site that previous surface preparation was by grinding only which does not give sufficient surface profile (which provides the grip) leading to loss of adhesion and failure.

Metaline would be a far better product for this repair and as such proposed to the Electric Power Generation Enterprises.MetaLine Series 700 is an Elastomeric Urethane, permanently elastic material that combines the efficiency and performance of vulcanized rubber coatings and the simple processing of polymerics with the resistance of Duplex steel. This coating is very resistant to Cavitation and Erosion even to the extent of being rated as superior the exotic alloy Noridur by KSB the International Pump manufacturer . KSB carried out this testing in their own laboratory to discover the relationship between elastomeric materials and exotic metals.

For many years now Original Equipment Manufacturers have been using MetaLine 700 Series to coat new Runners; the use of MetaLine 700 Series is now an established Industry practice.

This proves again the capacity of GOS for versatility, diversity and problem solving solutions.

Location: Myanmar, Moment River Hydro station , approx 8 hrs drive from the capital Nay Pyi Taw, March 2017
Duration : 1 week


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