Helideck Friction Treatment to CAP 437

Remedial Surface treatment of Helideck aboard the Seadrill Drill Ship West Capella during an anchorage outage in Singapore. Latest CAP 437 regulations require a Co-efficient of Friction value equal to .65 or greater.

GOS achieved this by utilizing our Slurry Blasting Technique which eliminated the dust associated with normal Abrasive Blasting operations to remove existing green background coating and reprofile the surface to meet the operational value required.

GOS then replaced all the markings in accordance with the latest CAP437 regulations including the name of the Drillship with the correct size lettering provided by specially computer cut stencils. All markings painted in with 3 coats of special Polyurethane Coating enhanced with the necessary anti-slip component to achieve the Co-efficient of Friction required .65 or greater.

The Co-efficient value was confirmed with a Findlay Irvine Micro GT Friction Test Device to confirm that the Helideck Confirmed with the requirements of CAP 437

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