Epic Sicily LNG Tanker Vessel – Hull coating with Steelpaint in Turkish Shipyard.

The captioned vessel is owned by Epic Gas Ltd., and was scheduled For Dry Docking maintenance at Tersan Shipyard Yalova Turkey March 2020. GOS Pte Ltd provided a coating material and a Coatings Advisor during the application of the Primer SteelPaint PU Zinc as an adjunct to the application of the main coatings system provided by Hempel.

STEELPAINT PU ZINC was chosen for the protection of the plane areas of the Hull Shell Plate from +5340 to the Top Side. STEELPAINT Moisture Curing Polyurethane products provide long term corrosion protection sustained by the Pure Elemental Zinc @ 93% of the Cured Coating. Zinc provides Cathodic Protection, with increased abrasion resistance when compared with other coatings.

The Ease of Application overcoming the traditional barriers of Moisture and Humidity concerns with surface andmoisture tolerance leads to greater productivity through fast curing cycles and cost savings.

A full application and inspection report was provided to the client.

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