Dredging valves lining repair

GOS was approached by DEME to inspect the Valves at the ST Marine, Singapore. The Valves were reported to have mechanical damage to the lining due to handling when removed for general repairs. 

After inspection, the decision was made to send the valves to the Batam workshop and carry out the repairs to the lining there. The valves arrived on 06/12 in the workshop and the cleaning was done the same day after which primer was applied and left to dry overnight. 

The next morning the areas to be repaired were build up with Metaline SXL and left to dry for most of the day. At the end of the day the areas were given a layer of Metaline KXL protective coating.  

The surface of the previous repaired areas were made smooth and both valves were given a full coat of protective KXL. 

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