Cosmetic deck coating repair at anchorage.

GOS Pte Ltd was awarded the Contract to carry out rectification work on the existing deck coatings, utilizing Slurry Blasting (Abrasive Blasting) and application of specified coatings to replace those coatings removed in the process. 

Upon our initial blast investigation aboard, we discovered that the coatings in all locations are compromised by Corrosion beneath the existing paint film, this Corrosion in not evident until the surface is opened up by the Wet Abrasive Blasting. It then becomes obvious that the Corrosion is active even under Paint films that appear intact and not affected by Corrosion. 

The work proceeded well as planned under these rules our duration on board of 81 hours completed a huge area, and the optics of the vessel have improved to a point where one can look around and feel that the Vessel is under good care. 

An immense improvement has been achieved in the process, GOS is pleased to have been a part of it. 

Satisfactory completion was reached just in time before the Vessel Had to depart. 

The Weather during the project was good most of the time with a few rainstorms bringing the work to a halt. The most tenuous rain was a light sprinkle of rain just before completion. We halted the work just long enough for a friendly wind to create some drying of the surface before finishing the work. 

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