Coating Integrity Inspection of the Cruiseship Genting Dream in Singapore drydock.

GOS Pte Ltd was approached by SIAPTEK to undertake an inspection of the cruise ship coating Genting Dream. GOS is able to advise on coating integrity and current performance based on experience with Fluoropolymers in the past; having been active in the Heavy Duty and Marine Coatings Market for over 34 years. 

The Coating under inspection is “International Inter-sleek 1100SR” a non-Biocidal Fluro Polymer Coating that relies on a low co-efficient of friction for is ability to keep the Hull free of Marine Growth. 

Inspection revealed that the coating is functioning well as a Bio-Foul Release Coating as advertised and stated in the documentation publicly available. The Coating as sprayed in the “Original Application” is in excellent condition along with our inspection revealing a very disciplined application as far as surface finish and the applied film build (Dry Film Thickness as measured). 

We were impressed by the light reflectivity of the coating still providing mirror images after three years’ service – which indicates the smoothness that has contributed to the success of this treatment. We would assume that Genting Dream would also be satisfied with this result. 

A full detailed picture report was provided to the client.

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