Chemical Tanker Polymerised Styrene Monomer removal project.

Project involved by means of Hydro demolition removing of hardened Polymerized Styrene Monomer from chemical tanker as well as pumping & disposal services of high viscous polymerized Styrene Monomer.

Due to the explosive vapours we made with cold cutting an entrance to the tank big enough to work through.

Project involved rapid mobilizing of 90 men including equipment and certified disposal services in Batam Indonesia. Equipment used were 3 HP blasting machines of 30.000 psi and three UHP blasting machines 40.000 psi, air compressors, chemical ppe, Full QHSE and workscope developed by GOS as well as fully managed by GOS to bring the project to a completion without damaging the tanks involved and on time.
Location: Batam Indonesia
Duration: 3 months.

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