Brokering Services

On special request GOS can assist with finding of particular vessels for Drilling Operations or related. A few completed broker services as example:

Augustus 2013: G.O.S Pte. Lt. was approached to assist in the sales and obtaining of contract for the assets of Gryphon Energy Energy. Technical input and pricing was provided for the negotiations with GAZPROM amongst one possible prospect for contracts.

Location: Singapore
Duration: 6 months.

November2013: CSOC Venezuela required consulting on refurbishment options and cost estimates for their intention of purchasing semi-submersible drilling units for new contracts in Venezuela and Colombia. Several suitable units were sourced and prices negotiated on behalf of CSOS for purchase and preparations for operations.
Negotiations were also done on their intentions tom purchase Maersk Drilling Venezuela with Lloyds bank in London.

Location : Singapore
Duration: 3 months

April 2016:
Assistance to transport production module platform fromm Korea to Myanmar between Big Lift and Total
Location: Singapore
Duration: one month

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