Haw Par Villa Is A Landmark Park In Singapore

Haw Par Villa in Singapore opened up in 1937. It is a type of theme park, and reviews mention that it’s actually a free attraction. You’re going to find it on Pasir Panjang Road. It is only 7.9 acres, but there is lots to see and do there. It’s not filled with tons of rides, but it is considered a theme park nonetheless. Did you know that there are more than 1000 statues at Haw Par Villa?

A few decades ago, this park was even more of a tourist hotspot than it is today. Make no mistake about it though, Haw Par Villa is still popular with people visiting Singapore. It’s just that the park used to take in more than a million visitors a year back in the day. There are special events held there throughout the year that you might want to attend if your vacation matches up with the dates.

It should also be mentioned that there are plans for some ancillary museums to be built there. The theme of Haw Par Villa is Chinese mythology. Reviews point to the fact that this park represents a quirky and unique part of the history of the country of Singapore. There are people that say that the attraction has parts that are a little odd, too.

Some people call it a hidden gem. While it has been around for decades, not everyone knows about it. There are all kinds of places to visit in Singapore. Some of the attractions in Singapore are more common than others, and then there are some that are unique and one of a kind like Haw Par Villa.
When you get there, you’re going to see 150 giant diaromas. It was mentioned that there are some odd parts to this attraction, and some people say they can be a little unsettling. For example, there is the ten courts of hell. You will see a memorial that has been erected in memory of the parents of the Aw brothers.

Would you like to know what some of the dioramas are? There is the Legend of the White Snake. There is also Romance of the Three Kingdoms. You will also see the Chinese zodiac animals. It should be mentioned that this attraction isn’t often covered in complete detail when it comes to the guidebooks offered to tourists. That’s not saying there won’t be information about the attraction, but it’s just not covered in detail all the time is all.

Now that you know about Haw Par Villa, you can make sure you stop by when you get to Singapore. It will be a unique experience for sure. You will be able to tell other people to pay the park a visit so that they can have a unique cultural experience in Singapore, too. Make sure you learn about the history of the park, as that will give you an even better idea of what you’re seeing when you visit. Get ready to have a great time at Haw Par Villa.
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